What would Francis do?

Okay it’s been awhile. I like others have begun to re-evaluate myself. We all do. The cinema and filmmaking in general has had a significant impact in my life. It started with photography at 8 years old, and has morphed into the monster it is now. The above is a lecture of some interviews that Francis Ford Coppola had done. Arguably he is the most prolific and skilled filmmaker of our time. I find comfort in his words and in his wisdom. Listening to him I find myself still drawn to the flame which we call filmmaking, and after a lifetime of reaching out and striving to include others with some successes and some failures I still want to ride this horse.

The digital realm offers a multitude of possibilities to create stories, and so I find myself at a point of reflection. Where do I take this? How do I continue to make stories I want to hear about, and how do I find others with the same passion? All the while trying to balance work, home & family. These are the questions? I’ll leave you with Mr. Coppola’s comments that inspire me and thrill me at the same time. I hope you find something in it that helps you. I have been an ardent admirer of Coppola’s and if his words can still stir me then maybe there is hope for me to achieve what I want.

Till next time friends. I promise I won’t be this absent or quiet till the next time I post.