I Lost at the Movies….

It started way back for me.  Guess I’m one of those kids that parents sat them down in front of the TV to occupy themselves, or maybe I was just a visual kid.  Loved comic books, and read them voraciously.  It was one of the reasons I was always ahead of my grade in reading.  No one thinks about that when they see a boy or girl reading a comic book.  Up the street there was a comic book shop where I could trade my old comics for newer ones.  Actually it was an old army/navy store that sold war memorabilia, but the guy running it also sold comic books.  He had a great system where he also bought them from us neighborhood kids, so we could buy new comics.  It suited me just fine.  I had a place I could indulge my comic book addiction and make some money when I needed money for newer comics that were on the newsstand, which eventually were sold back to the comic book shop which provided the store with a constant stream of new product.  Photography was my outlet until I inherited my grandmother’s Super-8 camera.  Then I became more and more fascinated in making small little films .  They were crude, and not very good.  It wasn’t until I got a better camera that I became enthralled in Special Effects photography.  I discovered a magazine called CineMagic where like minded people made their own backyard productions.  Before CineMagic there was Super-8 filmmaker which showed me how to create better films.  It eventually became something I always wanted to do.  I dabbled in Special effects make-up to create blood, scares, and bullet wounds.  I tried my hand in stop-motion cinematography where I animated first my old GI- Joe dolls, and then I began creating armatures and building creatures to animate.  Eventually I drafted my friends into my little epics.  Space Pirates Revenge, Resurrection, I Vampire were all little mini-epics that I did along with my friends.  I eventually made it to Brooklyn College where I studied film production.  I have worked on low budget films in numerous positions, and have created a number of short films.  I continue to do so to this day.  I created a feature film entitled Deadly Obsessions which was shot in 16mm film, and was available for a short time on the web.  I do have another blog, which I did for a number of years, and still do occasionally, but it is time to move on, and hence this blog.  Here I want to discuss and link to other articles and like minded people.  The landscape of filmmaking has changed, and it’s gotten a bit easier for someone to see their work now.  The Internet has knocked down some of those walls that once prevented ordinary people from making movies and getting them seen.  I hope to write here my experiences, and my conversations with other like minded individuals about filmmaking and how does one make a living at this while still feeding the addiction of storytelling.  It’s a balancing act for sure, but one that I feel I am not alone in.  Thanks for listening.


5 thoughts on “I Lost at the Movies….

    1. Reading that really struck a chord with me. You were, in your own way, the best of the denizens of Plaza building, Karl. Serious and disciplined where most of us tried to slide by on easy charm and even easier bullshit.


    2. Marty thanks for the compliment. We have much to discuss, and I hope we can someday soon. But I always saw you as the guy with the chutzpah, and the intelligence that could get stuff done. It’s about good work, and I always thought you had the chops to do so.


    1. Thanks Mitch. I’m still wresting on doing new material. When your young you don’t know the obstacles and so you plow through your endeavors not realizing how hard it is. I’m trying to get back to that, and reaching out to like minded people. Nothing creative can be done in a vacuum. You learn from trial & error, and you fail more then you succeed, but when it all comes together its priceless. The people, the talent and the passion when it all comes together its as if the divine happened. So I keep seeking that. It’s what good filmmaking is to me. Thanks for the re-read. I value your thoughts.


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